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Tan Pham

pokój: H1.42


e-mail: tan.pham@amu.edu.pl

My name is Tan Pham, and I come from Vietnam. I have experience working with various sectors including students, local people, government agencies, iNGOs,... I also got two grants from Rufford Foundation and National Geographic to study butterfly community at a National Park in Central Highland of Vietnam.


I am highly motivated to  learn to use phylogenetic and comparative genomic tools to study phylogeography, and adaptation to habitats. Currently, I joined the project with Dr.hab Freerk Molleman that we use the common evening brown butterfly, Melanitis leda as the model species to study their adaptation to different climates and habitats.



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  • Pham T., Quang T. V., Lohman D. J., Monastyrskii A. L. (2022): Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 76(1). doi: 10.18473/lepi.76i1.a8